BYF pls use tone indicators for me (especially /j and /s). i’m usually ia during the school week. i don’t like kys jokes. i'm not part of any subtwt but i interact with bsdtwt and whatwt a lot

DNI basic dni criteria, you’re -14 or 25+, part of edtwt or shtwt, anti-recovery, mcyttwt, support mihoyo, hxh hisoka apologists, ship dazaku, dasatsu, atsukyou, joutachi etc, don’t use she/her prns for arashi

interests bsd, wha, tgcf, enstars, death note, saiki k, chainsaw man, hunter x hunter, soul eater howl's moving castle, sanrio danshi, pokemon

music codomo dragon, malice mizer, dadaroma, buck-tick, the dresden dolls, marina, fiona apple, kate bush, björk, cocteau twins, weezer, kikuo + other vocaloid, billlie, twice, loona, red velvet

other stuff lolita fashion, vkei, sanrio, snow leopards

17 he + white autistic tme genderfluid omni ︎eng/fr